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"To meet the goal of science literacy, students must be actively involved in hands-on experiences."
(American Association for the Advancement of Science, Project 2061)

Dolphin and Dune Adventure

Shackleford Banks is one of the most fascinating islands on the East Coast. Over 120 wild horses roam the isolated shores of this deserted island. During this excursion students pull nets in a vast tidal flats, study barrier island zonation as they hike across the island, and discover the wonders of remote beaches where they collect shells and learn about sea turtles. Cruise also includes a dolphin watch. We often travel over the shipwreck of what is believed to be Blackbeard’s ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. More Info

-Choose this program to encounter dolphin, banks ponies, and for best barrier island study.

-Offered as either 3 or 4 hour program

-Suitable for all grades

-Departs from Beaufort, NC

Inner Sea Expedition

Taking students fishing is a great way to spark interest in the natural sciences! Fishing, tidal flat exploration, and sorting through the catch of a bottom dredge are included in this program. We provide all your group needs for exciting fishing. By going fishing, students begin to appreciate the role of science in understanding and protecting our aquatic resources. This program visits Shackleford Banks and the surrounding waters. Banker ponies are usually sighted.
More Info

-Choose this program for fishing and encountering the largest variety of specimen.

-Offered as either 3 or 4 hour program

-Suitable for all grades

-Departs from Beaufort, NC

Cape Lookout Discovery

Visit one of the most scenic locations on the Carolina coast during this excursion to Cape Lookout Lighthouse. During this program we explore tidal flats, study pristine beaches, and visit the 144-year-old lighthouse.

-Choose this program if you are interested in combining maritime history with coastal science More Info

-Offered as either 3 or 4 hour program

-Suitable for 4th grade and above

-Departs from Beaufort, NC

Island & Sound Exploration

Our oldest and most popular program, this excursion takes your class to Masonboro Island, the largest undeveloped island on North Carolina's southern coast. Activities can include crabbing, marsh exploration, claming, a sea turtle activity, and beach studies. More Info

-This is one of our most educational and hands-on programs

-Offered as either 3 or 4 hour program

-Suitable for all grades; most appropriate for grades 1st - 6th

-Departs from Carolina Beach, NC

Cape Fear - Atlantic Voyage

This is an ocean collecting cruise! This adventure offers the best fishing of any of our half-day trips as we travel to Wolfe Reef to fish for sea bass, porgies, blues. Vertebrate and invertebrates studies also take place with marine life collected in a shrimp trawl. Groups have the option of keeping the marine life caught on their excursion for classroom aquaria.

-Choose this program for the most "at sea" experience and for exciting fishing. This is also our most educational program for covering the middle school curriculum.
More Info

-Offered as either 3 or 4 hour program

-Suitable for all grades 4th and above.

-Departs from Carolina Beach, NC

Pier into the Ocean

Fish, search for fossils, and do hands-on food web studies at the historic Kure Beach Pier. This program also includes a pizza lunch for your group's convenience. The pier provides a convenient location for souvenirs and easy beach access. More Info

-Choose this program for affordability, fishing, and the convenience of having lunch included.

-This is a 2 hour program with an extra 30 minutes for lunch

-Suitable for all grades. Most appropriate for grades 1st - 6th

-Takes place in Kure Beach, NC.


Gulf Stream Nature Excursion

Traveling to the Gulf Stream is like traveling to an undiscovered realm for many people. It is a place of crystal blue water and magnificent marine life. Flying fish, 300 pound sea turtles, and dolphin are often observed. Students catch and learn about reef fish during this full day offshore trip. Students also take part in oceanographic studies.

-Choose this program for exposure to an environment few students have ever visited, for high level content, and outstanding fishing.

-Full day (10 hour) excursion

-Suitable for grades 9th and above.

-Departs from Carolina Beach, NC

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